The Truth, not conspiracy

Bill Gates gets ready to depopulate for the elite

‘World must prepare for war against a global pandemic’: Bill Gates fears a Spanish flu-like disease could wipe out 33 million people in less than a year: We knew this was coming. Bill Gates stated years ago ‘we have to cull back human beings and depopulate’ What’s he and the elite planning for us?

Speaking at a recent conference in Berlin, Bill Gates (pictured) said the risk of a worldwide pandemic is so high it is reckless not to act now . He explained: 'Are we as ready for that as we should be? A good comparison is that we prepare ourselves for war - we have planes and training and we practise'

Bill Gates had to join the elitist club once he reached the super rich bracket and in his famous speech he talked about depopulating the human race! Now the plan has moved forward to fruition. BEWARE


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