The Truth, not conspiracy

7/7 bombing. Watch the video and be open minded!

Coming back to 7/7 bombings and why they were faked. The usual false flag operations. Those trains never even ran that morning.

Why was metal bent up inside carriages?

Why, on the early morning radio was it reported that 3 terrorists had been shot dead at Canary Wharf?

Was Charles Menezies somehow involved and had to be silenced?

CCTV cameras not working that day!

Only one picture of the so called bombers at Luton train station and anyone can see how crudely the picture was photo shopped. One guys arm is not connected to his shoulder. We in the West are fed and expected to believe what ever the government tell us. People are so quick to knock those that question! These false flags are designed to keep the people in a state of fear and therefore agree to give the police, military more money. I mean without terror we wouldn’t need a strong armed police and military!

Watch the video, judge for yourself, see the evidence  presented, just be opened minded and understand what was happening at that time!

It’s time once again to look at the evidence. Be open minded!


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