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China: The next space superpower?

China: The next space superpower? That won’t last long when they work out what NASA knows, that at present it’s impossible to send a man out of earth orbit into space. That’s simply why man never went to the moon.

Those that beleive we did are still brainwashed and beleive everything told to them. The government wouldn’t lie, right! Those scientists that go along with the charade would lose all their funding and openings if they spoke out! They know! Even NASA officials let slip in a recent video how they yet hadn’t worked out how to get man safely through the Van Allan belts. If you want to see the video click the link underneath the picture!

China’s space program started late, but it’s headed for the stars when other countries are scaling back. In a world exclusive, CNN takes you inside China’s secretive space program.

In June 2013, China launched three astronauts into orbit for the country's fifth and longest crewed mission in its burgeoning space exploration program.

Watch the video that NASA tells you that they cannot pass through the Van Allan belts….forget waving flags and dodgy photos. It stops before they even take off…

If you want to see the video where NASA admits they can’t get past the Van Allan belts, then watch it here


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