The Truth, not conspiracy

Sandy Hook lies!

Sandy Hook, What Happened? I have to re-post about this again, so it doesn’t get forgotten! I have a friend in Newtown and he keeps telling me this was a false flag. You guys in America best be watchin’ you’ll, they want them there guns offa ya! Read your constitution and the right to bear arms. This was a right to protect yourself from the government, not your neighbours. There are now hundreds of FEMA camps dotted around your country and when the planned collapse of your dollar happens, which looks likely, they know you guys will want your money and you ain,t  getting it. That’s why they want your guns! get it…wake up! Watch this video for some insight, you all should be worried.

Gene Rosen FULLY EXPOSED!! Sandy Hook Hoax FreeRadioRevolution Classic

Your gonna lose your guns!


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