The Truth, not conspiracy

Jade Helm, Fema camps and Nuclear bombs

There is a lot of talk now about Fema camp reediness and Operation Jade Helm. I hope you guys in the States are ready for what’s coming your way? The dollar bust, your savings gone and a nuclear explosion probably in Philly. Hang in and be watchful. Keep your guns, cos’ all them false flags…Batman, Sandy Hook is a way of getting your arms off of you….They don’t want to much resistance…You only have to research these events. The security companies have been given so much money as well to route out terrorists…AND THEY CAN’T FIND EM..So they have to invent them…it happens the same in the UK with 7/7 bombings, Lee Rigsby murder! Just do a bit of lookining.. The worst thing though is, they don’t even do a good job of making these false flags look convincing and you know why? Because most people are now so conditioned they will only beleive the news media…who do the bidding of these evil bastards!

Are you prepared?


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