The Truth, not conspiracy

Nothing goes into Apollo never happened!

Right readers I am going to post this because I know it’s true. It will also explain why the Apollo could never have happened. It not a question of did they land on the moon. The fact is no one can actually get into space and they have never been able to. I know what your thinking but it’s been a game right from the start. Even now this game continues with the so called space walk by the Chinese, where you can see air bubbles floating near the astronauts visa…

Everything goes through NASA! Once they realised that they couldn’t put things up there, NASA took over and that’s run by the military.  They tried for ages to blast a hole up there with nuclear bombs…but they all failed…In actual fact re-entry is impossible…Real scientists know this…it’s been one big show, costing billions and very rich people getting richer. Why do you think Sarah Brightman pulled out the mission…because she was told she has to act. Why do you think Virgin 1 failed…you can’t get into space…final. Now I know this seems crazy, but take a little time to research and check this link for some mathematical  realities!

No one goes to the space station (ISS)…everything is done on the gravity plane…Once you start looking at the videos from the space station you will find all the obvious points that show it’s not real…just google it and see some youTube videos…your eyes will pop. so called astronauts on wires, hair permed in an upright position, yet the videos on the zero gravity plane shows hair flowing normally…no safety seals anywhere on the station, so one air leak and they all die…it’s cost us all billions from day 1. Look for yourselves, research and be amazed at the scale of deception. Why do you think Russia wanted to put missiles on Cuba….cos from there they could hit America…they can’t launch rockets into space!!!!

Click pic to watch challenger alive and well on YouTube, you’ve been lied to folks

Oh, and there they are all the dead astronauts from the challenger disaster…NOT…very much alive and you trust NASA…come on people research and find how you have been lied to!

NASA fraud will be made public soon as more people become aware of their deception…


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