The Truth, not conspiracy

Massive cover up about the world you live in!

Take time to study this theory: Once you do, all things seem to drop into place. Everything from Antarctica, ISS, moon landings, non curvature of the earth and most of all creation, which actually makes us special not a speck of nothing from so called evolution. I ignored this for ages and eventually got my head around it and found quite a few surprises. Also shows why there are no pictures of our so called globe from space…only one composite. The same picture is shown in every book and classroom in the world…why? Find out how astronauts in space have air bubbles on space walks.

The same for Chinese astronauts. Learn why the challenger crew are still alive and in highly paid jobs. Now look at this map of the earth as seen by those that know. See where the south pole really is and how it surrounds the earth. Why must you have a government permit to go there, even if you could? Don’t just accept what you were told in school! Ask why Sarah Brightman pulled out of the space station trip she had dreamt for years about going on, after doing all her training for the mission! Check videos of astronauts in the space station and the anomalies that give evidence to the fact no one visits space, due to re-entry problems Have you wondered why you can’t get a direct non stop flight from South America to New Zealand…well check out the UN map of the world and you will see why… many things…just please take time to do some research! 

What if the world was actually a Truman show structure

Take time to check this out. After all, what proof is there we live on a globe? There is just one picture showing a globe and it’s a composite! Now Neil deGrasse Tyson, of NASA, goofed by saying the globe is really pear shaped, so then that alone would suggest NASA has been lying all these years and making billions out of us all!


UN logo…Flat earth map. See why you can’t get a direct flight from South America to New Zealand and you see why on this map!


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