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Lee Rigby Fraud Revisited

Lee Rigby Fraud Revisited: I have covered this several times, but people still believe this hoax…Even the bus load of school kids were heard on film saying “when can we go to the shop” and another replies “there is another film scene yet” come on people…no blood, no witnesses.  Chris Spivey claimed Lee Rigby never existed and of course he didn’t…The dummy was even moved into a different position. Don’t you think that if his head was hacked off…there would be just a drop of blood. Same with the Charlie Hebdo police shooting. Close range shot, but of course no blood! You know the agents doing this rubbish, don’t even have to make it look real cos’ people are so brainwashed…they believe anything they are told.. Beware the coming alien invasion..that’s due..Don’t fall for that shit as well..WAKE UP!

Lee Rigby Fraud Revisited

What a farce..where’s the blood..just a drop..after all he just had his head hacked off…NOT! it’s a movie.


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