The Truth, not conspiracy

Pope (the Antichrist) Stock up on your water & tinned foods

 Please watch this video before it’s too late!

On September the 25th pope francis will address the united nations and announce the beginning of one world order and one religion. This has been coming under this man and Obama now for a while. Now stock up with water and tinned foods, while you can! You people in America have had your eyes shut for so long…what do you think Jade Helm was about. Well it’s about to happen…

You may say “we have seen it all before” Yes and that’s how they have worked this thing…saying what’s going to happen and then nothing does..this puts you in a false sense of security.. They will abolish capitalism…and you will lose your freedom as will everybody. Take no notice of this alien invasion crap!!!! this is another scare tactic to bring you under their protection

Many are curious if Pope Francis is the Antichrist.

The Antichrist September 25th. You have been warned!


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