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Breaking news: NASA finds a dog on Mars!

Yes folks NASA as announced today that they have found a dog on Mars. They were slow to say about it because it seemed crazy, but with the rover already there they couldn’t hide it and if you had been wondering where Snoopy had gone, well we now know! It had to come out eventually because once they said that water had been found, snoopy popped his head up.

Yes they couldn’t have said it before announcing the water find. NASA are a truly amazing bunch of robbers. They have managed to steal from you tax payers billions of dollars. NASA has never put anything in space. What goes up comes down in the sea! The rover is in the Californian desert and they have never been to Mars. Look if they can lie about the challenger disaster, where all the crew are alive and well they will lie about anything to take your hard earned money!

Now of course we have to send men to Mars at a staggering 20 billion dollars to develop the Orion!

nasa never lies


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