The Truth, not conspiracy

The earth is not a ball / sphere: NASA has lied to you all

I find it very strange that people can accept that we live on a spinning ball, where the sea sticks to the surface and people can be upside down on the other side of this ball and not fall off. Oh yes, they call that gravity…have to have some reason to make you believe that!! This ball is spinning around at a 1,000 miles per hour, yet you don’t feel a thing, even though the clouds are moving and you see them!

Logic, if you use it would tell you that if you wanted to take a long trip across the world, get into a helicopter and rise off the ground and just wait a while until your destination arrives…because spinning at 1,000 mph you wouldn’t have to wait long!

Now this ball is supposed to be belting round the sun at something like 66,000 mph and all of that belting through the galaxy and stupid speeds (never hitting anything of course)

and all of the BS is charging through the so called universe at another stupid made up speed… Yet if someone mentions a flat earth going nowhere you are all up in arms…I ask you which is more believable?

The ball model was started by the Free Masons and for the elite to make money from you all! Of course now we are in the modern times we have the technology to actually determine the state of our earth…Everyday experiments easily prove the earth is not a ball! Once you accept this you start to see the lies and deceit that NASA and governments have been pulling all these years!

Remember the Free Masons and Elite, want you to think you are nothing in an immeasurable universe! When in fact you and I are all very special indeed and are in fact at the centre of the universe!

Einstein only made his theories (yes theories, because that is what they are) on a constant..which means he says his theory can work if the earth was flat and not moving the same as if it was a ball and spinning!

So dear friends before you start off again with idiot remarks before doing some research, just step back and think about it…Scientist will not tell you the truth, there pensions and grants will cease to be…big money is being made by NASA and all the companies that support them, governments are making billions by this fraud…no one goes to the imaginary space station..Commander Kelly, should be ashamed of himself along with all the other free Mason that make up this bullshit astronot bunch of shits!

There is enough evidence, if you look for and search for it…just forget everything you have been told and start again with an open mind and find the biggest lie of all time.



Oh look, all alive and in well paid jobs


there it is..NASA CGI at it’s best!


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