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The Moon, Mars and other Hot Planets, Inc. Earth!


Remember this Bull shit?

The Moon, Mars and other Hot Planets, Inc. Earth!

If the moon landing were real and also the rovers that are supposed to be on Mars..then in this day and age where we have HD video cameras, you would think they would send a small robot camera to the moon and let it role along the surface and take video of the remains of so called lunar missions and live pictures continually of earth from space! Remember Astronauts

are high standing Free Mason…

Of course you may say, we do have pictures of earth from space…no we don’t, we have a composite image that has been around donkeys years and used in all the schools and universities everywhere! Now this as been sold as fact, when indeed there isn’t any proof whatsoever!

Now you have to realise that those who have very well paid jobs such as scientists, scholars and other high standing people and they do not tow the line then their jobs, pensions and most of all their funding would be in jeopardy!

Now if you spend some time away from the elite owned media and start thinking for yourself you may be surprised what you may find…Don’t get tied up with the old rubbish thing about flags fluttering, shadows and all that rubbish about the moon. That stuff is what NASA likes you to discuss because that stops you looking deeper, so chuck that lot out and start really delving deeper..

At this point I will tell you that there has never been a rover on Mars or anywhere for that matter. NASA like to talk about planets 940 trillion miles away…this is just BS and designed to make you all think that you are nothing!! a tiny speck on a little old globe, spinning around at something like 1,000 MPH and that is then hurtling around the sun at about 66,000 MPH…of course you don’t notice this movement! Yet if you clear your mind of all the BS you have been told and think about it, logically you would now that you are not spinning anywhere. Then they say all of this is hurling through the galaxy at silly speeds and that lot is charging like a bull through the universe, not bumping into anything!

The Elite and Masons, who have all Satanic motives, want you to believe this rubbish, so you feel there is no hope and nothing to look forward too. When in fact if you think about it…can you really think that you are spinning around like a maniac and not knowing it? The clouds and birds all move at various speeds and strange how airplanes don’t have a problem flying East to West..wouldn’t it stand to reason that a plane (helicopter) would just take off and hover and in a short time they would reach their destination without going anywhere!!

Now if you change your thinking and say, we do not live on a spinning ball / globe and just think you are actually living on a flat plane (as in the bible) Oh yes God said that he put is foot on the circle of the earth, circle I hear you say…a circle isn’t a ball! The United Nation use a flat earth logo on their flag. What are they hinting at, do they know? I think so!

You try to take a flight in the Southern Hemisphere from say South America to New Zealand and you will find there is no direct flight. In fact you have to have a stop over in and around Dubai… How strange is that, but if you map the route on a flat earth you will see it’s a straight line and Dubai is also in direct line between the two locations!!

So once you look at Flat Earth you become the centre of the universe and very important indeed! You then become very special indeed and the place you live was then most likely constructed by a creator and not the big bang that they want you to believe.

NASA as never put anything into space and the stars are just specs of light. You will also find that the sun and Moon are not what you have been told! They are very close!! The sun distance is easy to work out for yourself by using Pythagoras trig. You can follow the suns rays back to the sauce and then you will find the sun is about 3,400 miles away..similar to the moon, which has it’s own light sauce…as once again stated in the bible.. Now don’t think I am pumping the bible, I am just para phrasing passages you will find in the book!

All I ask is that you just forget everything for a bit and delve a bit..start by looking in Mark Sargents “” and look into videos made by Eric Dubay and Math Powerland (NASA channel on YouTube)

After this you will start to find so many things like the Space Station fakery, The Challenger disaster hoax, Antarctica and so much’ll blow your mind..

Go digging!

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