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Joe Hart: waste of space?

Joe Hart: waste of space? Why did an experienced goalkeeper stand to one side of the gaol and ask Gareth Bale, one of the world’s finest free kick takers, to put the ball in the open side of the net…this is such a fundamental mistake that Hart should be sent home!

That black eye he should have got from that silly old jittery Hodson, who has never achieved anything in football except to be a yes man…and that stupid prick Sterling just runs into trouble..send him home as well, another total waste of space!

These opinions are those of a close football manager I know well, who tells me The England system is designed for losers, such as that dick, Greg Dyke, when Englands draw was made in the previous world cup, he drew a mock blade across his throat..England should want to play the best and be afraid of no one..not try to get to the finals playing easy targets..shame on you England and those that run it from the top…it should be run from the bottom up…you know who you get on your bike and go!!

Joe Hart

Joe HartJoe HartJoe HartJoe HartJoe Hart


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