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Negative Hodson should never of been given the job

Negative Woy Hodgson should never of been given the job: “We dominated”.. he said…all that was dominated was a strip of grass about thirty yards out…the only crosses coming in was from corner kicks…You can’t play that game when there is 10 defenders in front of the gaol…My friend was shouting, ‘the goal has 2 white posts sticking’s not on either side of the pitch’…GET some crosses in so a centre forward can put them in the net..Hodson has no idea…getting Kane to take corners, he’s a centre forward for goodness sake….

And as for that idiot Greg Dyke, he should have been sacked the minute he pretended to cut his throat when the draw was made for the last world cup…England should want to play the best in the world, not get to the finals by playing weaker teams (if there are any)…Of course England players will back Hodgson, has he has given them a cap…We are fed up of year after year of negative football by negative managers..Hodgson has never been successful at any club…just a little bit for Switzerland and he got the England job..6 weeks at Liverpool, the mans a joke! England should have appointed Harry Redknapp at the time he was top of the pile..fearless and not a bloody yes man..chuck out the fuddy duddys running out game, right now!! 

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