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Flat earth and the poles

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Flat earth and the poles: schools, teachers and NASA


While the Flat Earth is true and easily proven to those that decide to start again and call this day one and forget the BS that has been passed down from teacher to teacher..they will find gravity is only a THEORY.. All gravity does is try to explain why an ocean of trillions of tons can stick to a spinning ball…without a spinning globe you wouldn’t need gravity!! But ask yourself, why then if the force of gravity so strong that it holds these massive oceans down but lets tiny butterflies take to the air without being crushed…take a tennis ball and soak it with water..spin it..and watch the water spin off..

The Flat Earth, while very true has been steered by at least three people to knock down any mention of land beyond the poles and keep it firmly in one direction..Once you spend some time on, day 1, you will soon see how many things/events are tied together…NASA being one of the biggest lies…NASA know the truth, but you have to remember that years ago no one would have known the advancement in technology the average person would have access to… Several researchers now have evidence to suggest that our moon is actually about 100 miles above us, so not the 140,000 or so miles away…Which could mean that people did go to the moon and explains why HAM radio enthusiasts say they hit the moon with their signal, at 240,000 miles away they wouldn’t be able to do this!

You will also notice with an expensive telescope or even the P900 camera images of the stars are not the same as NASA and their scientists release to the public…their images show solid looking objects compared to amateur images showing watery pulsing shapes…

But my belief…is that beyond both poles and I have no evidence of this, their land goes on for thousands of miles and I also believe the elite have built cities or safe havens there..this may sound far fetched but open your mind…I mean the thought that we are spinning at over a thousand miles an hour and feel nothing while at the supposed poles you would be rotating on the spot, just doesn’t make sense..Now if what I suspect is true about lands beyond the poles, this would be a great place for those false hoax deaths of celebrity’s would go to…

Don’t you think it’s odd that flights around the world travel west to east and vice versa and that if we were truly spinning over 1,000 miles and hour west to east that it would just mean you could hover in a helicopter until your desalination arrived..and also flying against the spin of the earth would be impossible for a commercial jet due to it’s cruising speeds of 500 MPH..just stop and think a bit people about the obvious facts that are there..because we were all taught one set of parameters at school and this is ingrained in us…If you are a thinking person, stop and consider the world that was created for you and maybe you could then start to question your reality..



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