The Truth, not conspiracy

The implant body chip will come



You probably, if not almost certainly will not believe what I’m going to tell you here because we have all been programmed to think a certain way and accept that our governments / rulers have our best interests at heart. Why wouldn’t they because any adverse action would surely affect these people that run our lives as well…

You have probably noticed now that before you could not use a debit card under a certain value without a charge being applied and now that cocdpt has been scrapped and you can use the card for how ever little you choose thus eliminating the need to actually carry any cash. This is the first step towards abolishing the need for physical money…You may laugh at this but think about it most people just use the card, so easy right.

Now you have to ealise that money now is not backed by any solid, i.e. gold, silver or the like…money is just actually printed and this is the way it will be more than ever…Once money is eliminated from the mix you will receive your spending by the bank pressing a button which deposits the figures on to your statement…this will however not be physical tabgable money, just figures on your bank statement. Now the governmenbt and the New World Order, we hear so much about will be established…if you just thought this was fantasy or a conspiacy theory, then you indeed have been asleep…Now we will have a system where the working class people and those not privy to the elites club, will receive as I have said their wages without seeing actual money…you won’t need it and you will probably think this is great, especially when they decide to do away with the debit card and inset a sma;; chip into your body…great you may think, I won’t lose my card and just have to flash my hand over the nachine to have your bill paid.

This however then gives the elite / rulers the opportunity to control you even more because those that say ‘I’m not having no chip in me’ will not get paid any money into their account, remembering cash has been done away with so money would have to be digitally transferred to your chip in your body, No chip, no work, no food…got it..

Of course this will not affect the elite / rulers and those that are devil worshippers, and those are the people that are running our world because they don’t use money is asked for and then digitally transferred to their own interest to pay and as the same as us they won’t need cash but the difference is that they are in the club and don’t have to work…you ain’t in the club as George Carlin famously said!

Now you have a totally controlled public, of course as long as the asleep people go alomg with this BS and they will, nothing will actually stop the New World Order implmenting it’s plans..Wars of course will keep being threatened so money will always be channeled to the security sevice so as to keep you all shit scared for your lives and the false shooting and threats of bogus asteroids wiping us all from the plain of the earth…People the world is a beautiful place. But these bastards want you permantly in a state of fear….

I could go on forever, but best stop now as it’s making me a little hot under the collar writing this..WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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