The Truth, not conspiracy

The North pole is the centre of the flat earth and

Once you see the earth is flat and the south points away from the north you will find the ice wall extends all around our earth, a 360% ice wall. Captain Cooke sailed around this area for 60,000 miles, never finding an opening. They want you to think tat Antarctica is a continent, it’s not! It’s an ice wall! Admiral Byrd, found this and immediately the area was out of bounds to the public, except a designated area where celebrities go to con the public.

Remember people the earth was always known to be flat and stationary: When you take time to think, doesn’t it seem stupid they tell you that you are on a spinning ball traveling at over a 1,000 miles an hour, yet you don’t feel a thing and people the other side of the silly ball would be standing on their heads. And if you use your brain a little you would know that the oceans would just fly off the ball..airplanes could not fly against the spin and those flying with the spin would overshoot their destinations because they would be going so fast..wake up please, if you have the brain to question your reality

Image result for the ice wall

Image result for the ice wall

Antarctica is naturally protected by freezing temperatures, icebergs and massive ice cliffs

which are impossible to pass and then you would come across the edge of the dome, this is why they stop you going there..once you open your eyes and do some thinking and research you will be amazed by what you will discover about where you live and who rules you

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