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Satellites do not exist


Satellites do not exist: It’s time to do your homework people and think for yourselves. Not only do satellites not exist but nothing has ever gone into space…we are all living in a dome, trapped and the elite discovered this as early as 1957, when the continually fired high explosives into the atmosphere to try and break the ceiling. Of course I hear you laughing, but honestly have you ever researched this subject? Or are you just parroting what they told you from the day you started school and programmed to believe?

The military have always used the LORAN triangulation positioning radar…nothing to do with satellites. If there were satellites do you honestly believe you would struggle to get a signal to your mobile device..wake up and see what really is going on…Take the Cuban missile crisis..why would Khrushchev want his rockets next to America in Cuba, if inter continental ballistic missiles existed…the reason is simple nothing as ever gone into space so these missiles cannot leave earths atmosphere and rain down from space at will…why do you think America has thousands of long range bombers if intercontinental ballistic missile really excuse the pun, ‘It’s not rocket sciences’.

The truth is that the US military and it’s space wing, NASA have lied to you for yours about the place you live…be brave and just do some research, it will change your life forever..

You live on a flat earth, not a spinning, silly ball…we are all trapped in a dome..hinted at by many TV programmes..Antarctica actually surrounds the whole earth and is protected by the Antarctica defense can’t go there, only to a designated spot for celebrates and the like to convince you that people have gone there!

All images you see of satellites are CGI…there is no image of a real satellite…once they realised we were in a dome, they called it the Van Allan belts..named after a NASA worker..this was really the dome and we can’t get out of it…for those that relive in the bible, research  Genesis and it clergy tells you there…the elite do not want you to know we all were created and not from monkeys..we all are special, not some speck amongst billions of so called starts etc..this is just are the center of everything..wake up, work it out..and think for yourselves, while you can 

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