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Was Madeleine McCann cloned? A baby produced to order

Why would the McCanns sexulise Maddy? was she produced for the pedeaphile community? was she cloned because of her eye defect which the pedo community sort after? Was she even Gerrys daughter? Who is protecting them? Pedophilia is ripe in the UK and around the world…you have to understand this world is run by psychopaths and pedophiles…wake up and stop supporting these evil people..if you are working for them! stop, get another job, you are guilty if you don’t speak out! 

The Portuguese paper 24 hours reported that Madeleine McCann was not Gerry’s daughter and the McCann’s were going to sue the paper…It has come to light that some people are saying that Madeleine was born to order with the eye defect,  coloboma of the iris and is a sort after mark among the pedophile elite…

There are also reports coming to light on various websites that Madeleine was cloned…for those that don’t believe cloning exists, think back to the 70’s and dolly the sheep…You seriously don’t think it stopped there do you!  Cloning is very real and used by the elite for torture and sexual abuse…research Donald Marshall for more info on the whole subject..

Remember Gerry McCann is a high ranking Mason and has very high connections…The Portuguese police are pretty sure the McCann’s know what happened to Madeleine and both being doctors know how to dispose of a body if she was killed, but the latest theory after the pizzagate episode is that she was groomed to order and the whole affair may have been planned in advance..

Surely it’s time to question why the sniffer dogs used in the Portuguese apartments found clear evidence of a cadaver present and also in the McCann’s hired car…these dogs had never been wrong before, so with all the other evidence, why do the McCann’s not get arrested…Are they being protected by the paedophile ring operating in the UK..i.e. Hampstead..and before you say that situation was was white washed once again to protect those in high places…I believe it’s time people demand the McCann’s come clean after ripping off the tax payer and smearing good people that expose truths about their misdoings..

These photos were taken just before Maddy was used!



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