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NASA and more bullshit planets

NASA and more bullshit planets: If you believe this bullshit then you seriously are backward and brainwashed!  They can’t even give you a live camera view of earth from the moon, yet they can give you pictures of make believe planets millions of miles away…when are you all going to start to open your mind and understand that is NASA ripping us all off…don’t you get it yet…NASA can’t not do anything close to earth because today’s bountiful amounts of hi-tech equipment the average person can own, will catch them out, so they have to find things millions of miles away to continue taking your money..

When you do a small amount of research, instead of wetting yourself with excitement every time NASA gives out these BS reports, you will discover that stars and the lights in the sky are all very close. And for the really dumbed down people you need to know that NASA has never put anything in does not exist. You need to know that Hubble and those bullshit telescopes are just fantasy as well..NASA just keeps taking your money while you swoon over their BS….If the Hubble were real you would have perfect pictures of every detail of the bullshit moon (hoax) landing and live shots of the earth from space…you brainwashed idiots can’t think for your eyes for just once,,,say to yourself, yes this is stupid, but I will have a look into all this then I can dismiss it…start by looking at flat earth, yes flat earth..just satisfy yourself that you looked, laughed and moved on…but you can’t even do that can you..because you are so programmed and stupid..

Think and ask yourself, being on a ball spinning a thousand miles an hour and not falling off, isn’t that a bit stupid…research and open your closed mind…ask yourself, why the horizon stays at eye level. If you were on a ball the horizon would go down the higher you went up..horizon (horizontal) sea LEVEL ..(not sea curve)…usr your brain while you still can and be critical!!


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