The Truth, not conspiracy

The Future is nearly here…beware!

The Future is nearly here…beware!

Yes beware…I say this because you will soon find yourself having to make a choice…there is now a mighty push for is no coincidence that different genders are being pushed forward…everyone must have a smart phone and these devices will control us…smart metres and now smart cities…

I know people don’t believe that they are being sprayed daily with chemtrails, but the truth is we are all ingesting chemicals from these sprays, our food and vaccines…

At the same time smart cities will evolve very quickly where the chance for you to live forever will become available…this is well advanced now..just research Wes Penre (free downloads from his site) and Ray Kurszweil and see how things will happen.

All those that won’t go along with smart cities will be left outside and will have to fend for themselves…the problem with this is that the powers that be are destroying the habitat with chemicals and food will not be able to be produced, only by Monsanto who will control food production…Once you are in the smart environment your need for food will diminish and you will become part robot and part human…many tecky kids of the new generations will dig this, but in fact you will become endless robots that won’t die and therefore a never ending controlled mass of ready slaves..the rest of the population will die off or be killed off..

I know 98% of people will just go along with the programming without batting an eye lid, but of course then it will be too late..

Soon the introduction of 5G will influence your brain through smart transmitters, already being used in the shape of GWEN towers..these masts will give of waves that affect you through your phones and the energy waves that pass through your body daily…wifi is deadly, but they won’t tell you are constantly bombarded with these energy waves from everyone that is near you..

Your TV has been programming you for years to the point that you have to catch the news and buy the paper to get your dose of propaganda…you question nothing, you don’t look with your own eyes….if the state says it’s so, then it’s so and gives you so much to talk about, while the elite get on with the dirty work..

I know you don’t believe this but there are demon entities at work and these entities want you in a smart environment..the battle against evil will soon come…I just ask you to wake up and look for yourselves at what is going on and why”’


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