The Truth, not conspiracy

You stupid Trump idiots

You thought he was different..even those that said they were against the elite and knew what was going on supported this prick!! He’s a billionaire living in a gold palace…he’s illuminati…it was all a charade and you bought it!!! Now the destruction of the middle east can carry on as before…you people watch tv and read the news and swallow all this bullshit…it’s amazing…your tax dollar now is pouring murder and mayhem on families who have never done one single thing against America and you are so blind…Cheney told you what they had planned…it stalled for a while under Obama but now kick started under this twat trump..they played the trump card and www111 is well under way…with N. Korea in their sites and a conflict with China…come on people…where are all your pitch forks? Then of course the solution after the destruction will be the planned stupid alien invasion to save humanity..these little bastards will look just like human, so as not to scare you..they will bring peace and govern your lives in a new world order…they are the fucking elite still…aliens do not exist..neither does outer space for that matter…get a grip people!!! Your freedoms have nearly vanished…the elite know now the you people are plain stupid and will accept any BS they spout…we are doomed as the play as already started and only a few have listened to what myself and others have been saying…these truely are end times when the Jesuit in the vatican and the other in on it crowd take over…there will be no currency…you will be allotted chips (much like money) in a digital form to buy food and will be housed and you WILL do as you are told, else you will not get any chips…those that don’t play ball will be ostracized to the desolate wilderness…which will be laid to waste…those people that play the aliens (elite) game will undergo a robotic change that will enhance their lives giving them long life and people will jump at this, but all they will become are never dying slaves and those on the outside will be killed or die of starvation…this is the climax and is the singularity and it’s cities will evolve and if you don’t join you will be left for dead…All this is because you have been programmed by your stupid tv’s, which keep you entertained while the dirty work as been going on…watch  a tv channel and record five more for watching later…morons…

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