The Truth, not conspiracy

Why the rulers of this reality lie about the shape of the earth: wake up!

They lie about the earths shape because if you knew you had a creator, they would not be able to control you. If you believe in the Bible it tells you the earth is immovable many times..if you don’t believe in the Bible look for proof with your own eyes…do you detect a spin of 1000 mph or wonder where the earths curve is…8″ per square mile squired..there is no curve…think that boat went over the horizon and over the curve..pick up a telescope and look again..the human eye can only see so far then the land meets the sea..

Once you start looking you will see the earth is at the centre of the so called universe and the sun and moon rotate round in a circle..I dare you to clear your mind of the brainwashing and just do a little research, be open minded and brave and you will discover nearly everything you have been told is a lie!

Research flat earth and be open minded, if you dare, even just to laugh about it…but seriously have you ever thought how stupid it is to think you are on a spinning ball going round at 1000 mph at the centre and turning fast on the spot at the top and bottom and water sticks to the surface yet a little butterfly can take off without being crushed to your mind!

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