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Just look at it would you

It appears the Masons in charge of the false flag costumes and props forgot to take the price tag off this crisis actors scarf

This scum bag is an actress and should be ashamed for taking money from you to deceive and lie…know these events are staged to stop you complaining about the killing of innocent people in the Middle East…Our governments are wiping out thousands in the name of false flags and staged events…if you take the time to look you will easily see the show they put on is staged…people around know but the dumb, stupid, brainwashed average public believes there newspapers and the proven liars in the BBC..wake up and use your eyes or are you just to stupid?

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Tube bomb victim still wearing the new clothing with price tag on: crisis actor

people wake up to this’s a staged event a drill a hoax to get you all to hate the Muslims and support your governments attacks on women and children in the middle east…these are just staged events…you read it in your newspapers, see it on the news and you believe it…a 5 year old can see through this BS, but then a 5 year old doesn’t watch the propaganda tv that you love so your eyes and question what’s going on and why..agenda 21 /30

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End of the world: What is Nibiru? The mysterious planet ‘that will DESTROY Earth’

This is all nonsense to keep you in fear…please believe me when I say space does not exist and all this stuff you think you know is total bullshit. Nothing has ever gone to space because nothing can. There is a ceiling that nothing can pass through. If you also believe in your bible you can easily see it states you live on a flat earth with the firmament above,,,The stars, sun and moon are closer than you think. You have been lied to all your lives and you really think you are on a silly spinning ball? where you stand upside down on the other side…do you see how stupid this is..stop and think for yourselves..forget everything you have been told by the elite who treat you as slaves…open your eyes and use them…stop being a sheep and stop following the herd. you have a brain..USE IT!


Beware of all these vaccinations…you never needed them before and they are designed to kill your natural immune defenses…open your eyes and you won’t become dependent on big pharma to cure you and then make you sicker..stop being the sheep / slaves!


Putin: Russia Has Proof the US Government ‘Made Hurricanes with Machines’



Hurricane Irma: Did you know this was man made and like the twin towers, they told you in the movie Category 7

Take some time to check out the movie..all the hurricane names match and the devastation will also tell you what to expect in Europe as well..wake up this is all need to understand their agenda!!

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Did you know Jerry McCann was on the sex offends list apparently?

And on their holiday to Portugal, why was Maddie made up like a sex doll?

Was Maddie cones as a baby for the pedophile sex ring as her eye defect is a much sort property among the child abusers?

The McCann’s must know many important people to get away with not being fully investigated over her disappearance.-Police and politicians as well as the royal elites..

When asked by the press to Jerry “Did you have anything to do with Maddies disappearance” McCann replies “No..that an emphatic No” Not “of course not you fucking bastard”! as any innocent concerned parent would..

strikes me child abuse is ripe in the UK and blase people need to wake up from their sleep and be real people!!

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What EVERY American MUST Know About N. Korea and “Fire & Fury”


Do We Plan Our Lives Before We Are Born? – Collective Evolution


Cuts have to be made: so say the Queen..hope she leads by example…

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