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Police Officers Spray Fake Blood on themselves during Philadelphia Shooting

August 16, 2019

Police Officers Spray Fake Blood on themselves during Philadelphia Shooting 8/14/2019 – YouTube All shootings and bombings are staged events so that they can gain power over us all and get all your guns…that is the agenda..if you believe what you see on tv news and in the papers, then you are brainwashed and deserve […]

Katy Perry: ‘Human Flesh Is The Best Meat; Cannibalism Got A Bad Rap’

November 16, 2017

Are you eating human remains: it seems very likely you are and being laughed at by the elite who delight in drinking childrens blood as they say it gives them a sauce of think this doesn’t happen..satanism is rife in the UK…i.e. Hampstead school where the whole affair was brushed under the table Katy […]

American Journalist Held In The UK During Investigation Over Facebook Post – + HAMPSTEAD SRA ‹ VICTIMS OF THE STATE

February 8, 2017

It is obvious that the Hampstead case was covered up and the hideous goings on are not only happening in the UK but around the world…The top Illuminati also sacrificial and drink the blood of children and eat feces…Satanism is rife in the UK…There was never a proper investigation and those that are guilty have friends […]


July 17, 2016


Norfolk ‘paedophile ring’ case: Baby blood allegations ‘nonsensical’ Satanism

October 27, 2015

Norfolk ‘paedophile ring’ case: Baby blood allegations ‘nonsensical’ Satanism

WDBJ Live Shooter Filmed Himself: HOAX

August 29, 2015

Police: Bryce Williams fatally shoots self after killing journalists on air: It never happened folks…they just want gun control! Another hoax: I am so getting bored of these false flag shootings: When are we going to get a real shooting? Watch the video…he fires at her at close range about 4 times…no blood, she turns […]

Lee Rigby Fraud Revisited

August 3, 2015

Lee Rigby Fraud Revisited: I have covered this several times, but people still believe this hoax…Even the bus load of school kids were heard on film saying “when can we go to the shop” and another replies “there is another film scene yet” come on people…no blood, no witnesses.  Chris Spivey claimed Lee Rigby never […]


June 3, 2015

More on Lee Rigsby. On know people will be shocked that we can post this stuff, but you musn’t just believe what you are told. Ask questions and look for mistakes in what you are told. This is not disrespectful, what is, is not checking what they did! Compare the 2 images and you will […]