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Stupid Joe Hart keeper

June 11, 2017

I can’t believe Joe Hart….stand to one side of his goal area as he did against Wales and then he is asking the free kick taker to put it into the far corner where he can’t reach it…twice in the Scotland game…come on stupid England it isn’t rocket science…stand in the middle and make it […]


September 28, 2016


I told you Hodgson was useless..never ever achieved anything, but got England job!

June 28, 2016

I told you Hodgson was useless..never ever achieved anything, but got England job! England lose to Iceland…this was you will hear all the lame excuses..the players were tired etc…NO when you appoint idiots as the England manager, who has never achieved anything…there he was with a puzzled look on his face…no idea what to […]

Negative Hodson should never of been given the job

June 22, 2016

Negative Woy Hodgson should never of been given the job: “We dominated”.. he said…all that was dominated was a strip of grass about thirty yards out…the only crosses coming in was from corner kicks…You can’t play that game when there is 10 defenders in front of the gaol…My friend was shouting, ‘the goal has 2 […]

Joe Hart: waste of space?

June 19, 2016

Joe Hart: waste of space? Why did an experienced goalkeeper stand to one side of the gaol and ask Gareth Bale, one of the world’s finest free kick takers, to put the ball in the open side of the net…this is such a fundamental mistake that Hart should be sent home! That black eye he […]

Roy Hodgson for England is a shock choice and maybe a wrong one | Football | The Guardian

June 4, 2016

Roy Hodgson for England is a shock choice and maybe a wrong one | Football | The Guardian: Hodgson has never been any good as a manager..He hasn’t a clue about playing players in best positions. The man’s an idiot and England have no chance in the Euros. We go down this route every time, […]

World cup, corruption,The US and Russia

May 29, 2015

David Cameron Calls On Sepp Blatter To Quit As Fifa President As Britain Considers ‘Nuclear Option’ Are politics behind the arrest of the very corrupt FIFA and its president Spp Blatter? I make no apology for another post about this corrupt organisation, which looks like coming to the fore because The US may find this a […]

FIFA corruption

May 29, 2015

The vote to elect Fifa’s president takes place on Friday as Prince Ali bin al-Hussein challenges current chief Sepp Blatter. This is getting crazy. How can sepp blatter get away with standing for another term of president, when clearly the organisation is so obviously corrupt. It’s not rocket science and the average person can see […]

Gary Lineker slams FIFA

May 28, 2015

Gary Lineker slams ”nauseating” and ”sickening” FIFA in wake of latest corruption scandal

Corrupt FIFA

May 27, 2015

This must be the most corrupt organisation in the world! If that Blatter gets re-elected, then it’s time to boycott FIFA!  Fifa officials including vice president Jeffrey Webb arrested