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Madeleine McCann pictures they don’t want you to see!

May 1, 2017

Madeleine McCann pictures they don’t want you to see! When will the public start to ask questions about pedophilia in the UK and around the world…it goes on from the highest places in the government and is widely covered up and those that ask questions are sneered at Advertisements

Massive cover up about the world you live in!

July 27, 2015

Take time to study this theory: Once you do, all things seem to drop into place. Everything from Antarctica, ISS, moon landings, non curvature of the earth and most of all creation, which actually makes us special not a speck of nothing from so called evolution. I ignored this for ages and eventually got my […]

Apollo: time for truth!

July 6, 2015

Apollo will never cease to be questioned and for a growing number of researchers the truth has become very clear. The reasons the landings were hoaxed…it didn’t matter at the time whether it was true or not as long as the media played their part it would be believed. This site I am linking you […]

UFO found on Moon in 50-year-old Soviet lunar mission

June 9, 2015

‘Plane-shaped UFO found on Moon in 50-year-old Soviet lunar mission pictures’

China reveals Manipulative Extraterrestrials – Moon was brought over 11,000 years ago

September 4, 2012