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NASA Actors Celebrate Another Successful Hoax

February 14, 2017

NASA Actors Celebrate Another Successful Hoax: Everything NASA has done is a fraud…seriously people if NASA could go into space, don’t you think by now there would be 24/7 movie HD camera on the moon sending back live transmissions..instead NASA keeps saying it’s discovered a planet like earth zillions and zillions of silly miles away… grow […]

ISS Fake Astro-Nots Admits Never Being in Space

February 12, 2017

ISS Fake Astro-Nots Admits Never Being in Space: Have you got the nerve to research flat earth or are you so brainwashed to think everything you were told is true..

The sun and things you don’t think about, like how near it is..3,000 miles and 32 miles wide: you live on a flat earth not a silly spinning ball! research it

February 5, 2017

via How can the sun possibly illuminate the bottoms of clouds on the flat Earth model? — Plane Not A Planet

The North pole is the centre of the flat earth and

February 5, 2017

Once you see the earth is flat and the south points away from the north you will find the ice wall extends all around our earth, a 360% ice wall. Captain Cooke sailed around this area for 60,000 miles, never finding an opening. They want you to think tat Antarctica is a continent, it’s not! […]

No rocket has ever gone into space:

February 5, 2017

No rocket has ever gone into space: they go up and come down in the oceans. they went to space then you would see wonderful HD camera video of it as it lest the earth atmosphere and dock with the fictitious space station: Once the military realised we were all trapped in a dome, they started […]

Wake up to the flat earth and discover the lies you have been told..can you at least look at it..if you are brainwashed, you won’t. If you have open mind you will!

February 5, 2017

Do some research into flat earth. Give it a look if you have a brain with eyes to see! Type flat earth into YouTube and start your discovery

3 days before Dr Bradstreet was found dead, govt. agents raided his research lab to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment

July 28, 2015

3 days before Dr Bradstreet was found dead, govt. agents raided his research lab to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment: Of course a breakthrough in cancer research means the millions being given by the public will stop and we can’t have that now!