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Super-Silent Owl Drone Will Spy on You Without You Ever Noticing

August 22, 2012 Advertisements

US air force to test aircraft that could fly across country in under an hour

August 15, 2012

The X-51A Waverider, designed to fly at six times the speed of sound, could make it from New York to LA in 46 minutes  

Syrian forces Advance Steadily in Aleppo

August 12, 2012

Backed by Iran, Hizbollah, Russia and China, the Syrian government’s grip on power appears strong — triggering a string of meetings among countries that wish to bring down President Assad  

The CIA Wants to Spy on You Through Your TV: Agency Director Says It Will “Transform” Surveillance

August 2, 2012

1) Devices connected to internet leak information  2) CIA director says these gadgets will ‘transform clandestine tradecraft’  3) Spies could watch thousands via supercomputers  4) People ‘bug’ their […]

Is someone SPIKING airline lunches? Now needle is found in Air Canada sandwich after scare on Delta

August 1, 2012

A passenger has found a needle buried in a catered sandwich on an Air Canada flight. Read more: