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Hubble and satellites are a hoax, big money scam

September 20, 2017

Hubble and satellites are a hoax, big money scam: NASA has never sent anything anywhere….it’s all fraud and the money has been fueled into black programmes that will not benefit you. Remember the hoax shuttle, challenger, you know the astronots never died and yet you still believe all the things this government agency (NASA) tell you! […]

Challenger crew very much alive still and making loads of money at your expense

October 15, 2015

Look folks, time to start doing some investigation why the space station isn’t there and space shuttle never was…NASA major hoax that as cost us billions: Challenger crew very much alive and worse of all in your face! See them all laughing at you/us. Google it and you’ll find stacks of evidence.

The space travel hoaxes

May 28, 2015

The space travel hoaxes 1959-2015 – introduction: before you just ignore this as rubbish, read and watch some of the videos and some things are not right!

XS-1: DARPA’s Spaceplane

May 5, 2015

XS-1: DARPA’s Experimental Spaceplane

International Space Station

April 4, 2015

International Space Station orbit raised by 700 metres

9-Foot Tall Alien With Astronauts

March 25, 2015

NASA Employee Saw 9-Foot Tall Alien With Astronauts in Space Shuttle — Evidence Of Military Alliance With Alien Race?

Air Force’s top-secret X-37B spacecraft lands after nearly two years in orbit

February 9, 2015

Click picture to find out more Just where has it been?