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You stupid Trump idiots

April 14, 2017

You thought he was different..even those that said they were against the elite and knew what was going on supported this prick!! He’s a billionaire living in a gold palace…he’s illuminati…it was all a charade and you bought it!!! Now the destruction of the middle east can carry on as before…you people watch tv and […]

Afghan judge sentences four to death for mob killing of woman

May 19, 2015

Afghan judge sentences four to death for mob killing of woman

A Permanent Vibrator In Your Vagina: OMG!

April 19, 2015

BREAKING: You Can Now Implant A Permanent Vibrator In Your Vagina    PAYPAL   Please help a little bit to keep site running if you can, thank you      

Indian Women Talk Openly About Masturbation

March 24, 2015

‘It’s A Basic Human Need’: Indian Women Talk Openly About Masturbation

What’s the matter with India?

March 19, 2015

‘India should protect humans, not just cows’: Cardinal after elderly nun gang-rape

Sex workers

March 1, 2015

Sex workers: Ex NhS, Care and welfare workers

Women don’t wash: OMG

February 26, 2015

Majority of UK women don’t bathe or take a shower daily: OMG